Virtual Business Coach for contractors

30 virtual business coaching session

An affordable way to keep your business momentum in the Que, during these underrepresented times

You can schedule one session at a time if you are on a tight budget.  I want to help contractors, not hurt them.  I have been in the construction industry for over 45 years in all segments of the supply chain.  So I think I might bring some experience that could help your business path.  One session at a time, one of the other stock offerings I have, or, we could set something more virtual time intensive for a written proposal.  All of my virtual meetings are held on Zoom.

Virtual Business Coach for the construction industry.  20% discount on 3-30 min sessions

The Better Package offers 3-30 session for a 20% savings

Schedule these virtual meeting close together or further apart so you have a regular sounding board in you business from someone who is not trying to influence you and your decisions.  You know who those people are.  I have experiences in the construction industry that could be valuable to you, even if its only 3- 30 min sessions at a time.

Virtual business coaching sessions.  10-30 min sessions with a 33% discount per session

The Best Package schedules 10- 30 min sessions for a 33% savings

This many sessions will give us time to work on problems, the problems solutions & new processes and procedures possibly.  You can buy as many Best Packages as you like.  If you buy more than 3 at a time I will give you a separate estimate.