Some of larry's testimonials


Roscoe J McWilliams founder, SkimOil Inc. / Separator Systems, industrial & commercial marine waste water treatment systems.

 Larry really knows his business--------which is your business and how to build it 


Some of Larry's Testimonials

 Larry is a skilled listener that can help you take your business to the next level by helping you, the business owner, hold your team accountable. 


Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC Executive Resume Writer / Career Strategist / Branding Analyst / Executive Coach / Job Search & Interview Coach

 Larry knows sales! He has an in-depth understanding of how the sales process works and how you can maximize results. Whether you're a sales novice or a sales veteran, his expertise will help you "up" your game! 


Jason Wacker President | WCC Roofing Co.

If you are looking to take your construction sales team to the next level of performance then you need Mr Gard. He is very knowledgeable in the industry and can provide a structured training to focus your team on the goals you set 


Jim Daech CFO/VP Co-leading a premier Commercial General Contractor serving 32 states focusing in the financial services industry

During his time with my company, Larry immersed himself in understanding the specific problem areas of my business and worked passionately at developing and implementing solutions. He also provided me with an independent, non biased viewpoint on issues that as an owner I was struggling to resolve. These tasks where accomplished while always maintaining a very positive, supportive attitude despite difficult challenges we faced. 


Bob Motz President at R M Supply Inc

Larry did a great job for us when he worked for BPB. He understood our issues and projected them to upper management. If the opportunity arose I would like the chance to work with Larry again. 


Bill Hughes- Manufacturing/ Window & Door Industry

I worked with Larry during his tenure at America Building Products as a Territory Manager. Larry and I made numerous joint calls on his customer base and grew his sales in the vinyl window arena. Larry is very professional in his approach and demeanor with his customers. He has great attention to detail and developed solid relationships with his customers. 


John Larkin Territory Manager at CertainTeed Corporation

Larry was the team leader of our building solutions team. He was a great organizer, presenter and motivator. He kept the team focused and on task through out the year. He always encouraged team work, cross selling and communication between the groups, which helped us reach our goals. He also made it fun. 


Mark Solomon - Owner/Founder Solomon Contracting, Inc.

Larry added value to my company the first minuet we walked into the door.  He has torn the operation apart, and re-built it.  Most of the time with all odds working against him.  You know, people/employees.  But he was able to make some order with the chaos.